The Spine Showcases

Recurring every fourth Thursday in 2019 at the Charlotte Street Capsule, The Spine Showcase is a music series that invites adventurous Kansas City jazz musicians to program an hour-long set of original compositions and arrangements, spotlighting many of Kansas City’s excellent but often overlooked and undervalued creators.

Having the freedom to perform material that is not feasible in Kansas City’s classic jazz venues, the series allows participants to collaborate with artists from other disciplines in order to communicate the concepts driving their music more fully.  Encouraged to take risks, their material is imaginative, exciting and ambitious.  

 In the second half of the season, we’ll spotlighting 13 more musicians:


July 25: Peter Schlamb and Ryan J. Lee

August 22: Kadesh Flow and Amber Underwood

September 26: Bob Bowman, Ben Markley, and Hermon Mehari

October 24: Merman (Alyssa Murray and Adam Schlozman), Curtis Brink and the Drty Ten

November 21: Shay Estes and Marcus Lewis.

November 28: Spine Showcase Thanksgiving: Logan Richardson

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